The course of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for drying

Until the age of 25, growth hormone somatropin is actively generated in the human body. This substance helps to lengthen and strengthen bones. It is involved in the formation of muscles during physical training. Growth hormone is produced during night sleep and during intense physical training. After this age, GH production decreases markedly, but the need for strong skeletal bones remains.To achieve a beautiful sculpted body with pronounced muscle mass and no subcutaneous fat, you have to sweat a lot in the gym, adjust your diet, and systematize your workouts. In general, rebuild your lifestyle for sports. With all this, it is not always possible to achieve the expected result.

The course of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for drying

If the content of the substance has dropped below the norm, the doctor will prescribe the drug, recommending the purchase of growth hormone in a pharmacy and its regular intake.

It is only necessary to remember that, like any medical remedy, GH has its indications and contraindications, its side effects. Its reception by athletes has its own specifics.

Even taking sports nutrition and sports fat burners may not help you achieve your goal. In this case, it is recommended to try to take a course of growth hormone to dry the body. Thanks to this unique substance, the process of fat burning and getting relief is achieved much faster, and the effect stays with you for a long time. After all, hormones, as many of you already know, regulate various chemical processes in the human body, that is, they act as such conductors, give commands to perform certain cs. When used as sports nutrition, it is just an addition to regular food, concentrated powders, nothing more.

Growth hormone regulates many chemical, metabolic processes in the human body. That is why it is used by athletes to effectively burn fat, remove toxins and increase the relief and expressiveness of muscles. This course is focused on “drying”. There are several tips and nuances for the correct passage of such a program.

The effectiveness of GH when working with muscle mass

The presented hormone is called somatotropin. It is synthesized in the laboratory from 191 amino acids. Such a composition is as close as possible to the structure that is inherent in the substance secreted by the pituitary gland. This guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the GR course. After injections, the athlete will note:

  • A significant increase in structural fibers in muscle tissue, which means its systematic development and strengthening;
  • Improving relief, when the muscular corset is clearly visible under the skin, its expressiveness is maximum (this is especially important during the preparation for reviews and competitions);
  • Burning and excretion of subcutaneous fat;
  • Suspension of the aging process of the skin, maintaining its elasticity.

Also, the growth hormone used to dry the body contributes to the fastest possible cell regeneration. The athlete will recover faster after grueling workouts (which cannot be achieved with a diet), as well as after injuries.

How to take somatotropin for drying?

Before you start using the hormone, you should read the recommendations of trainers and doctors:

How to take somatotropin for drying?
  • With regular use of GH, it is necessary to carefully monitor the level of sugar in the blood. This substance helps to suppress the production of insulin, increasing the level of sugar during the breakdown of fats. In this case, together with the drug, it is additionally recommended to inject injections with pure insulin.
  • Frequent use of somatotropin can interfere with the natural functioning of the pancreas and endocrine gland, so you should check the body for tumor markers and regularly take tests for the analysis of growth hormone.
  • To support the thyroid gland, which will work to the limit during the course, you need to additionally take thyroid hormones.

The main scheme of course intake of somatotropin for drying:

  • For fat burning, growth hormone is used for 2-3 months. After this, the course should be stopped. The break must be at least 3 weeks.
  • In the first 7 days, the dosage of GH should not exceed 4-5 units of the substance. It is advisable to monitor the development of side effects after each injection. In their absence, the dosage may be increased.
  • From the second week, the dose is also increased gradually to 10 units. It is recommended to split the reception. Take the first injection in the morning, immediately after sleep, on an empty stomach. Then you can inject before training and at lunchtime. Before going to bed, it is better not to put injections.

To consolidate the achieved result, one should not forget about exercising in the gym. Trainers advise switching to long, low-intensity and cardio workouts.

Anabolic steroids and specialized fat burners can help improve muscle definition. Instead of a solo course, many athletes practice taking growth hormone simultaneously with anavar, l-kartinin and other drugs. You can also use sports supplements and biostimulants for weight loss.

How to inject somatotropin?

A popular option, especially in a sports environment, is still receiving increased doses of somatotropin in the form of injections. A very expensive method with a significant side effect – a decrease (up to a complete cessation) of the body’s production of its own growth hormone.

How to inject somatotropin?

Key recommendations for taking GH:

  • Buy somatotropin powder. Dilute it and inject it with insulin syringes on a daily basis. In tablets and capsules, the remedy is less effective
  • Injections are made subcutaneously in the area that needs to be strengthened and rid of excess fat.
  • Choose different places for injections so that hematomas do not appear on the skin.

Following the advice, not forgetting about proper nutrition and exercising in the gym, you will effectively prepare your body and muscles for competitions and shows.