How to lose weight with strength training? Exercise that requires 5 energy in the gym

Losing weight and gaining strength at the same time is the dream of many gym fans. The best way to burn calories is to train intensively, which speeds up the heartbeat and causes the trainee to sweat. Strength training is mainly focused on muscle growth. But there are those who can join the fat burning process with proper exercise and diet.

We understand what strength training you need to pay attention to in order to build muscle and burn fat.

How to lose weight with strength training? Exercise that requires 5 energy in the gym

If we are talking about the exercises that require the most energy, exercises with free weights are more appropriate, during which time we include maximum muscle fibers in the work.

Training Rules

To achieve a visible effect, an exercise program to lose weight at home is designed taking into account some aspects:

  • The body adapts to the load over several weeks, so you should change the type of activity every two months.
  • You can’t work when your heart rate is higher than allowed.
  • Do not overeat, eating after exercise in the evening to lose weight should be especially mild.
  • Drink enough water. During training, metabolism is activated, metabolic reactions in the body become more active, and each of them needs fluid.
  • Exercise in a comfortable temperature range. If you do yoga or lie down in the cold, the muscles will not be elastic enough, and if you run in the heat or do cardio, the heart will wear out more.
Training Rules

Breathe properly during exercise

Shallow breathing during exercise to lose weight at home or other activities causes the tissues to not get enough oxygen. Rules:

  • you need to inhale deeply, through your nose, and exhale through your nose or mouth;
  • exhalation during exercise is carried out instantly with the greatest load;
  • exhalation during exercise is carried out immediately with the greatest load;



  • stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart;
  • we put our necks on our shoulders and hold them with our hands;
  • from this position we lower the pelvis by bending the knees;
  • lower pelvis below knee level;
  • return to starting position.



  • stand facing the stick, feet shoulder-width apart;
  • bend your knees and hold the bar with your hands. At the same time, we take the pelvis back and bring the shoulders forward. It is very important to keep the back straight and not bend;
  • we open our knees and straighten up to our full height with a barbell in our hands. The upward movement begins;
  • the bar slides along the front surface of the legs.

Barbell bench press


  • we lie on the bench under the bar. We take the neck with a wide grip;
  • remove it from the shelf and lower it to chest level;
  • push the bar up;
  • then lower it again until it touches the chest;
  • return the barbell to the rack at the end of the workout.
Barbell bench press

Wrap wrapped


  • stand on the barbell, bend your knees slightly and bend your torso;
  • we take the barbell in the hands lowered straight;
  • then pull the rod back down. In this position the elbows are bent and pulled back;
  • return to starting position.

Oturan Dumbbell Press


  • we sit at a banquet, leaning on his back;
  • in each hand we hold dumbbells;
  • raise dumbbells to shoulder level;
  • we squeeze them out of this position;
  • then pull back on your shoulders.

At the same time, keep in mind that weight loss in any case will depend not only on the choice of exercises for training, but also on the amount and intensity of physical activity in general, activity during the day and diet.